FAQs DCT Token Sale

Basic Information

We have set a hard cap of $65,000,000, this is for all phases of our DCT sale including SAFT, Seed, Private & Public.

The range between our Soft and Hard Cap is due to the acquisitions we have identified and are currently pursuing initial stage conversations with. These conversations will only be advanced after our DCT sale and once we have finalised the amount of funds available for acquisition.

We have set a soft cap of $7,500,000, this is for the Private Sale and the 4 Public Pre TGE stages.

During our SAFT and Seed phases our team will be using funds to develop out the platforms, with a view to have the final platforms ready ahead of the Public Stages. Anyone taking part in our SAFT/Seed phases will need to read and accept our SAFT agreements.

Everyone should consider their individual situation before making a purchase. As with any style of investment there are risks involved and there is no guarantee given or expressed.

Whilst our team has taking a cautious approach we cannot guarantee success of this project.

Data Choice have put various Stage & Volume bonuses in place for during the token sale.

Early investors can receive up to a 32.5% bonus on their token purchase, versus 5% during the final phase.

We have set DCT’s at a rate of 4,500 per 1 ETH, making them $0.10. This price is fixed throughout the sale process.


Token Distribution

  • Distributed to Community, Sale, Bonus, Data, Referrals, Air Drop - 940,000,160 - 55.3%
  • Reserve - 181,999,840 - 10.7%
  • Strategic Partnerships - 255,000,000 - 15%
  • Advisors - 119,000,000 - 7%
  • Founders - 102,000,000 - 6%
  • Team - 102,000,000 - 6%


Within our management platform you will find our latest payment methods, these may change from time to time but include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Fiat methods.

Faced a Problem?

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