Below you will find links to v1 of our programmatic DSP – the wire frame here is the model we are moving towards for the final live version which is due to be completed towards the ends of the year, on completion of this the Data Audience Platform will be integrated.


Demand Side Platform

Our early version of the demand side platform can be accessed from here. We have set up a demonstration account which you can access with the details below:


Password: DemoDataChoice2018


You can use the interface but no campaigns will run as we would beed to assign the backend budgets. The new Demand Side Platform will have a different interface to this one which will follow the prototype wire frame you can fine here. Our Data Audience Platform will connect into both of these versions.

Video Campaigns

Currently we can run video campaigns within our Demand Side Platform. Engage with your audience providing them with extensive amounts of information in a short time.

With our video campaigns you only need to upload one size of video & our technology will auto resize it to fit the various video ad spot sizes across the web.



Display & In-App

Display campaigns (banner adverts across the web) offer a great opportunity to engage with your target audience. Help with tools to allow you to pull data to Google Data Studio.

Uploading various creatives & sizes allows your advert to be seen in more places and across more devices.

Using click url’s allows you to track the campaign performance in tools like Google Analytics as custom campaigns in addition to the full reporting you have within our platform.


Demand Side Platform - DSP

Please click on the icon to go to the platform login page. If you are an advertiser please contact us below to arrange for an account to be made for you.

Need An Account?

Clicl here and complete the form. One of the team will then be in contact and we will arrange an account for you and a time to take you through how to build effective programmatic campaigns.