Our Story

Our story began about 3 years ago when Sean one of our founders, came up with a vision for a more open, transparent, accessible and affordable programmatic solution for the market. The team then all met when we were Google contractors together, managing the UK, Irish, Israeli and South African business. After refining our idea for the programmatic platform we felt there was a better way still for digital marketing to be even more open, more transparent about how your personal data is used and how to put back in control.



The founding principle of what we do is choice. Choice in what you share. Choice in what you don't. Choice in the ads you see


Programmatic advertising has not been fair for many years, with layers on non transparent pricing, restricted access and limited knowledge. We plan to change that, with open access for all agencies and advertisers, along with fair reward to the publishers.


Our platform will be powerful, it will enable advertisers to serve across computers, mobiles, TV, games consoles amongst others in the future.


Control Of Your Personal Data Is Your Human Right

Firstly we love digital marketing, you would hope we would say that, but genuinely we do. Digital Ads allow us to enjoy a huge array of sites, social media, tools like email & spreadsheets and entertainment online for FREE all funded by advertising

However, we have all seen this year that sometimes internet companies do not do the right thing with your data. Our solution uses hashed data on the blockchain meaning that a breach of trust like we have seen at Facebook and Emma's Diary this year cannot happen with us.

  • Account Strategy, PR

    Gemma Piedrafita Parra

    Profile: Gemma joins us from Google where she was responsible for growing and educating 60 agencies, working on one of the biggest portfolios in the department with a yearly spend of an estimated $20,000,000 per year and $4,750,000 per quarter.

  • Head Of Digital

    Will Levitt

    Profile: Will led a team of 12 Google account strategists, managing over $300 million of annual ad spend. Having led the account strategists for over 700 digital agencies, Will brings us unique insights into supporting agencies from a technical standpoint.

  • Managing Director

    Andrew Bruce

    Profile: Andrew has been in Sales & Marketing for over 20 years, having held senior positions at some of the world’s leading brands & technology companies including, Yell, Sky & Google.

    Before founding Programmis – Data Choice in late 2017, Andrew was a highly successful Agency Manager at Google looking over $16 million a year of advertising, he was then promoted to run the UK & Ireland Direct Business. Previously, Andrew held various management positions Sky, most recently as a Divisional Manager, focusing on new business, client retention, expansion & channel development.

  • Director

    Sean Worrell

    Profile: Sean has spent his career at some of the world’s leading media brands in senior positions, including Google, Universal, MTV, Discovery and Holimetrix. Having been involved in media and marketing for over 20 years, Sean’s experience, knowledge, vision and drive allows Programmis unique access to the world’s leading brands..

    Before founding Programmis – Data Choice in Late 2017, Sean had led the UK, Irish, South African and Israeli markets for Google, responsible for over $500 million a year in advertising revenue. Previously, Sean held various management positions in advertising and data with Holimetrix, Universal, Discovery & MTV.